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    How to unbox a Twinkle mattress?

    This is a two person job. Please get help unboxing, unrolling, and setting up your Twinkle Beds mattress. There are two types of plastic compacting your rolled-up boxed Twinkle Beds mattress. The outer plastic is a shrink wrap. Best way to remove this is to unroll it. Pull the outer plastic. The mattress will roll forward. Keep doing this until the you reach the inner plastic and the mattress starts to expand. If you run out of room to roll mattress, have two people pull plastic as mattress rolls in place against wall or something stable. Be careful, Twinkle Beds is not liable for damages occurred unpackaging mattress.

    Once the inner plastic is reached, it is recommended to have two people lift the mattress onto its bed base/platform/other and unfold it. You’ll start to hear air decompress. Take a pair of scissors and cut the plastic along one of the sides. Be sure not to cut the mattress itself, there should be plenty of plastic slack to work with.

    How long before I can sleep on my Twinkle Beds mattress after unpackaging it?

    It’s recommended you unwrap and open in the morning to give it time to expand. Please note that the first couple nights sleep the mattress may feel a little firmer than expected. Don’t worry. The layers need time to expand and will “break in” with movement. If you receive your mattress in a cold climate area, it’s recommended that you bring the boxed mattress inside overnight and let it acclimate to room temperature before you open it up. It seems to “pop open” quicker when it’s not cold, or frozen.

    How long does it take to get refund once mattress is returned?

    It may take 30 days once return is picked up to get refund.

    What type of foundation is required for my Twinkle Bed?

    A. Anything flat! Overtime, the mattress will form to what it is laying on. Twinkle Base and Adjustable base are recommended. However, weather you use a traditional box spring, platform, or wooden panels you want to ensure the following:

    1. Box spring bow over time. Its recommended you get new box springs. Those will metal work best, as they are less likely to bow over time. But, try not to jump on the bed (you or the kids) if you bend the metal, its hard to bend back. Wooden panels are not uneven or spacing is not too far apart (more than 4 inches)
    2. Slates are no more than 4 inches apart.
    3. Metal platforms and adjustable bases are highly recommended for longevity.

    Where can I test a Twinkle Beds?

    Store location in Bountiful UT.

    Take advantage of our 90 day trial period.

    Rotate mattress?

    All Twinkle Beds are Hybrid models with individually wrapped coils, durable materials, and handcrafted design that allow for longevity. With that, it is still recommended to rotate ideally every 3-4 months, at least twice a year to ensure your mattress maintains maximum durability and new-like feel.

    I feel discomfort first night, some aches and pains. 

    Usually, first night on a Twinkle is instant love. However, in many instances your body needs to adjust. And the bed itself needs time to expand and loosen up “break in”. You should know within the first couple weeks if the Twinkle Bed purchased is right for you.