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    Technogel® Estasi
    Technogel® Estasi
    Technogel® Estasi
    Technogel® Estasi

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    The ESTASI might look like a conventional mattress from the outside, but inside you’ll find genuine innovation! A three-zone topper made of patented Technogel® provides relief to the various areas of the body right where it’s needed and efficiently dissipates excess heat. Underneath the varying degrees of support provided by the gel cubes, a seven-zone foam-core mattress with an ergonomic design provides comfortable support and helps prevent tension in the body. The summer or winter versions of the washable cover can be removed with a zipper.


    The Technogel Original ESTASI mattress is recommended for

    — People who prefer a soft mattress
    — Everyone who needs or wants extra ergonomic comfort



    The Technogel ESTASI mattress is for people who like a softer comfort when sleeping. The cube design in the top layer provides maximum pressure relief, no matter in which position you are lying.

    Full body topper in 0.6" Technogel® cube design that provides on-demand support for personalized comfort. The innovative cubic design helps to distribute pressure evenly and promotes airflow, which enhances thermoregulation and guarantees an ideal body temperature.

    Thanks to a zipper, the washable cover is interchangeable as a summer or winter variant. The gel pad is sewn into a textile that meets the highest quality and hygiene standards. This cover, equipped with antibacterial properties, is not removable. The second, removable and washable cover ensures a perfect sleeping experience.

    When you opt for a Technogel® mattress, you make a worthwhile investment in your well-being. Our formula for high-quality sleep with zero compromises is based on unique, patented gel technology. Multiple clinical studies have shown that our gel lowers body temperature, letting you sleep deeply for significantly longer periods – so you have an even more restful night.

    Technogel® exhibits special thermal properties that create a pleasantly fresh, cooling sensation on contact with your body. The gel absorbs and efficiently dissipates excess heat due to its high thermal conductivity and the properties of its cubic structure. This results in an optimum sleeping environment for an even better sleep experience!

    Through extensive development work, we have created a Technogel®–memory-foam combination that adapts to the contours of your body in three dimensions. Sensitive parts of the body, such as the spine and joints, are relieved in the right places while being correctly supported.

    Thanks to its unique 3D adaptability and the patented gel-tower design, Technogel® is able to distribute pressure evenly.

    Clinical tests have proven that sleeping on Technogel® prolongs deep sleep and significantly improves sleep continuity. The result is increased holistic well-being.

    Your wellbeing is our priority. That’s why our products meet the highest standards in quality, design, and materials used.