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  • 90 Day Trial Period


    Our goal is to fit you to the perfect mattress for support, comfort, pain relief, and a deep healthy sleep. Your body is smart, it adapts to what it’s used to. In most cases, it’s instant love with a Twinkle Beds mattress. But in some cases it may take time for your body to adjust to the new bed. It also takes time for the bed to expand and get worked in. So don’t be surprised at first if the mattress feels a little more firm than expected. This is because some of the materials (coils and foams) need to sleep on and “worked in” to loosen up.

    After a couple week you should know if the mattress is working for you, but we’ll give you 90 days, just to make sure.


    If we didn’t get it right the first time, we’ll swap out your mattress after the first 30 days and within the first 90 days. We want to get it right. If the mattress is not working for you, we will discuss options to fit you to a mattress that will work (more firm or more soft). If you choose to swap out, total amount of purchase will be credited towards new mattress. If a refund is due on exchange, refund will be provided after the 90 day period, once the sale is final.


    To qualify for a free swap and/or trial period return with refund the mattress must be clean, sanitary, unstained, and undamaged with original mattress tags. We don’t want our mattresses to end up in the landfill. Returned mattresses will be donated to charities or put to good use. Waste not, want not!

    Conditions include:

    - A Mattress Protector is required during use of the mattress until time of pickup.

    - The mattress must have original tags attached.

    - You must take and submit picture of mattress with protector, without protector, and mattress tags.

    - Stains, pet hair, and/or defects from improper use/or storage, will VOID trial period return and refund.

    We are flexible and easy to work with. We want to work with customers that are willing to work with us.

    90 Day Trial DOES NOT Apply to warranty exchanges and ONLY applies towards mattresses. Adjustable bases, bases/frames, mattress protectors, pillows, sheets and other accessories DO NOT include a trial period. On these items, All Sales Are Final.