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    You often get asked what mattress you would recommend or which mattress you sleep on. Here is your opportunity to recommend the BEST mattress for back pain, and get paid for it!

    We know that making commissions from referrals is NOT your priority, but it is nice to benefit from something you already do on a regular basis.


    • Your reputation. You work hard for your patient’s trust. We will honor that trust.
    • Your patients. You don’t want your patients to undo your work by going home to terrible mattress. Help them get a healthy sleep with correct support and pressure relief.
    • Getting your patients a great deal. Our mattresses compete with the best out there, at a better price. An additional 40% off retail price makes you look like a hero.

    We specialize in fitting your patients to the best mattress possible for their specific needs. We’re committed to giving your patients the best experience possible. If they do not absolutely love their mattress we are happy to swap it out for another Twinkle Bed after further assessing their needs, or allow for a return (conditions apply) with our 90 day trial period. The primary reason we are the “go to” mattress partner for many chiropractors is because we take care of your patients and work to achieve their satisfaction.


    Basically, Nothing! No cost to join. No extra time. No worries. We just want to prove ourselves to you, and be your answer to the question “What mattress do you recommend?”.


    • You’ll receive a personalized welcome package with an 8x11” countertop display that includes your specific discount code.
    • 40% discount off retail price to your patients.
    • Extended discounts to you and your staff. We don’t want to make a money off you. We want us both to benefit from helping your patients.
    • You will receive a $100 referral commission through our automated program every time your discount code is used for a purchase.
                – It’s not just your patients, but EVERY-TIME your code is used to get 40% off retail. Your patients naturally tell their friends and family and will pass along your promo code, expanding your number of referrals.
                – Commissions are paid monthly, automatically via paypal.
                – You will have a partner portal/dashboard that allows you to keep track of every sale using your promo code.
    • All orders and support are done through our website. We take care of everything so you can take care of your patients.
    • You will receive a dedicated Twinkle Beds representative to help you and your patients with any questions or needs.


    Click the SIGN UP NOW link, fill out your contact info and choose a password. It’s that simple.

    To receive commissions an affiliate agreement will provided.


    Our luxury mattress Comfort series line features Copper Infused Bounce Foam with responsive “bounce back” technology that supports body contours to relieve pressure from pain point areas (shoulders, hips, and back). Infused copper provides additional support, is antimicrobial, and conducts heat away from your body. All 5 layers are designed to sleep cool. Hybrid with individually wrapped pocketed coils help keep the spine in neutral position, provides motion transfer control, and allows for air flow. We also offer adjustable bases which are another excellent way to ensure sleep health.

    Visit www.twinklebeds.com for more info.

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