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    DreamCool Quattro Pillow
    DreamCool Quattro Pillow
    DreamCool Quattro Pillow

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    Play with all the levels of comfort in our DreamCool Quattro Pillow. This product includes two mild Memory FiberTM inserts, the balanced Memory FiberTM insert, and a maximum plush Memory FiberTM pillow. Beat the heat at night with this Eucalyptus blended pillow cover, supplemented by our StaDryTM technology to reduce moisture.

    Remove or Reposition inserts to adjust pillow comfort and profile.

    • Eucalyptus blended pillow cover provides temperature regulation for cooling comfort.
    • StaDryTM technology in the cover captures, moves and releases moisture for healthy sleep.
    • Two removable low profile Memory FiberTM inserts for plush comfort.
    • One removable mid profile Memory FiberTM insert for added plush comfort.
    • One removable high profile Memory FiberTM insert for maximum plush comfort and height.
    • Cover is removable and washable for a flawless sleeping environment.